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Ninja Info-Sec. Services Pvt. Ltd. Is an ISO 27001:2013 & 9001:2008 Certified Organization. We strives to be among the best in providing quality Information Security Solutions to its clients. Security is one of the major and an inevitable aspect for every online business out there in the internet ; Ninja specializes in Audit Assessment like Incidence Response, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Wireless Audit, Mobile Application Security Testing, Source Code Security Audit, Consulting and Compliance, ISO 27001,PCI-DSS and in Digital Forensics services like Bio metrics, Cloud Computing Forensics, Computer Forensics Investigation, Cyber Crime Pattern ,Forensics Lab Setup, Mobile Sim Cards Forensics, Stenography / Stegno analysis, Wireless Forensics and Research & Training. Ninja understands this urgent need for safeguarding critical information and local networks in corporate sector and current set of measures to be taken to prevent these threats, alongside with practical recommendation on how to increase the security of the business world and the current business threats and safeguarding.
With the constant evolution of technology, the information exchanged or disseminated in dispersed IT environment has implications of being exposed to various security threats on organizations technology, processes and people. Any security breaches to critical data may result in drastic financial loss, legal account abilities, and reduced productivity with brand attrition.
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