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Q1. Why these services are important for our esteemed orginazation.?

Ans. Penetration Testing works on the premise that hackers have more knowledge of network vulnerabilities than the organizations that run the networks, and they always stay one step ahead of network professionals. Therefore it is necessary for a team of network security experts to perform the tests using the same techniques that hackers would use to breach network security.

Q2. We are a brand name and it doesn’t matters.?

Ans. Hackers target only brand name and if you are a good brand then you are at prime target of hackers.

Q3. How can we improve your Website Ranking on Search Engines?

Ans. Website is the main part of any organization to grow up and makes their place in market and where there is no market for you. What if some client wants some information about the product and your website doesn’t displays on the first page of search engine, you lose your business. So to make your business runs in a great manner your website must be listed on the first page of web search engine.

Q4. How can we secure you from hackers.?

Ans. As in our team there are renowned Security Specialist from India. We will assist you that how a website or your network can be compromised with the computers or without the computers and we will try to give your network a suitable protection from hackers.

Q5. How can we save your website not to be defaced.?

Ans. We very well knows about the vulnerability of websites and the loop holes how websites are being hacked and we will implement all major and minor security issues over your website and into your network that its not easy to hack into your network.

Q6. Why only one should take services from Ninja Info-Sec. Services Pvt. Ltd. India?

Ans. Ninja Info-Sec. Services Pvt. Ltd. India is new in the field of Security Services, and we want to make our value in market. So every client for us not only a customer. He is the part of our small Ninja Info-Sec. Services Pvt. Ltd. India Family, and we concentrate on only one client at a time and we are available 24 X 7 Hrs Helpline to our customer.
“Instead of checking the thickness of your wallet, we honestly helped our clients to understand the requirements–what was necessary and what was not.”

Q7. What if I take services from Ninja Info-Sec. Services Pvt. Ltd. India and also our website is being compromised.

 Ans. We will provide you all the security measures that the company has to take and if even a single point is left open then definitely your website or network will be get compromised, and after issuing all the security measures and even then your web or network is compromised then we will give you a free service throughout the year.

Q8. Does Ninja Info-Sec. Services Pvt. Ltd. India conduct Denial of Service (DoS) attacks?

Ans. No. If we feel that performing an exploit could result in a DoS condition, that exploit will not be conducted. Instead the exploit will be included in the final report so the customer can run the exploit in a test environment rather then against a production system.

Q9. What if Ninja Info-Sec. Services Pvt. Ltd. India does not find any vulnerabilities?

Ans. Roughly 75% of customers fail the initial penetration test with at least one medium risk vulnerability. During the remediation process, we work directly with your team to ensure the environment is properly secured. The 25% that pass their initial penetration test have the assurance of knowing that their environment is protected against the latest attack techniques.

Q10. What is “blind” testing?

Ans. If you would like us to test your firewall as if we were “real” hackers, then you should tell us nothing at all about your installation. This means we have to perform a good deal of under-cover work in approaching the hack in the same way a criminal would, using social engineering and even physical break-ins.

Q11. What is “informed” testing?

Ans. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with your organization and you give us details of your firewall solution – the overall design, the IP addresses, and so on. We are then able to run a variety of tests against your firewall defense, using exploits appropriate to the devices and products actually in use. This gives a thorough and cost-effective result.

Q12. What is vulnerability analysis?

Ans. Vulnerability scanners provide a good deal of information about poor configuration, design flaws, operating system patches, etc. that are invaluable in securing against attack. This type of information will not be revealed in a conventional penetration test, the sole purpose of which is to break in to your system.

Q13. Who conducts the testing?

Ans. Every test is carried out by a highy trained professional. Our quality control procedure is rigorous: findings are reviewed by a senior technical member of staff and the final report is inspected by a Partner before being sent to you.

Q14. Do you employ ex-criminal hackers?

Ans. There is a short answer to that – NO!

Q15. How do your tests relate to ISO/IEC 27000 and other standards?

Ans. We use a combination of industry standards, our own best practices and ISO/IEC 27000.

Q16. What sort of report will I get?

Ans. Our reports, which can be tailored to your requirements, give you a concise, plain-English summary of any vulnerabilities we have found, together with a measure of their severity and the potential impact on your organization. The technical section of the report gives details of the vulnerability, what it means to your security should a hacker exploit it, and where to get a fix to resolve the problem. All reports are subject to both an internal technical review and quality assurance. Once you have received the report, we provide an in-depth discussion of our findings to ensure that the vulnerabilities and solutions are relevant and properly understood.

Q17. Do you operate a quality control procedure?

Ans. Of course! Our quality control for testing is outlined in the previous point. You can also find additional information on this page.

Q18. Is there any conflict of interest?

Ans. No, because we only provide testing services, so you can be sure that the vulnerabilities are real, unbiased results from the experts.

Q19. What about continued assurance?

Ans. Many clients ask us to provide regular tests, both via the Internet and on-site. Our pricing policy offers discounts to clients ordering quarterly or monthly tests. Some clients also take advantage of skills transfer from our staff, to conduct their own regular tests between our periodic independent reviews.

Q20. Why is it a good idea to also have on-site DMZ testing?

Ans. We can reveal considerably more weaknesses and configuration errors in your firewall configuration if we can address it from inside your organization as well as from across the Internet. We can also review your firewall management procedures, change control and firewall policy. If your firewall is managed by a third party or hosted at a remote site, we will also give you valuable information about the service provided by that third party.

Q21. What tools do you use?

Ans. Unless you specifically instruct us otherwise, we use a combination of professional, commercial tools and those that are used by the hacking community to conduct the tests. This ensures that we expose as many vulnerabilities as possible whilst also helping to identify possible false positives – as well as false negatives.