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Information Security Training by Ninja Security India

Pentest with Ninja

Penetration Testing with Ninja is an training course designed for network administrators and security professionals who need to acquaint themselves with the world of information security.
This penetration testing training introduces the latest hacking tools and techniques in the field and simulates a full penetration test, from start to finish, by injecting the student into a diverse and vulnerable network.

Wireless Attacks

Ninja Security India Wireless Attacks teaches students the base concepts of wireless networking and builds upon that foundation to conduct effective attacks against wireless networks of varying configurations.
Not just for penetration testers, this course is highly recommended for anyone responsible for wireless networks.
By understanding how they are attacked, administrators will know how best to protect their wireless infrastructure.

Web Application Security

Headlines like “Web Application Vulnerabilities Continue to Skyrocket,” and “9 Ways Web Apps Woo Hackers,” are timeless. Since the first web application was able to deliver rich content to visitors, attackers have looked to exploit any holes they could to damage, deface, and defraud. As the trend to deliver applications through web browsers continues to grow, the number of vulnerabilities available to cyber criminals grows exponentially. As most businesses rely on web sites to deliver content to their customers, interact with customers, and sell products certain technologies are often deployed to handle the different tasks of a web site. Add in the thousands of proprietary applications that web sites rely and the reason securing web applications should be a top priority for any web site owner, no matter how big or small.